Another such opportunity has now been witnessed in the trading scene. Well this isn’t surprising, reasons being that an Proledger. Bot can quickly look through the herd of so many crypto-currencies being traded and spot the best opportunities. Also, devoid of emotional quotient, a Bot can make objective trades and deliver good results.

But, the downside? Well, not everyone has access to these bots.

This is where we step in to fill
the void with our Proledger. Trading Bot!

With the advancements made in machine learning algorithms, sensing, and tracking, Artificial Intelligence or Proledger. as we call it is a familiar term to almost anyone acquainted with the technology scene. Even the camera’s of smart-phones now come equipped with Proledger. sensors for image enhancement. In short, the possibilities with Proledger. are endless, and with the rapid pace in which it is evolving, newer and more innovative approaches are being discussed and implemented.

Our Investment Plan

The investment plan supports several crypto-currencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, and TRX.

Proledger Trading Bot

This investment plan spans 99 days. Our Proledger. Bots provide us good trading opportunities and we share daily 1.45% profits on your investments made in Crypto. Your initial investment is locked up for the duration of the plan, that is, 99 days in this case. After the set period of lock up, you can withdraw your balance.

the breakdown

To understand how the investment plan works, let us assume that you invested in BTC. You will earn 1.45% profit for 99 days. The total profit earned after 99 days is 143.55%. Each day you get 1.45% split into 4 payments of 0.3625%. Your initial investment is paid back over the 99 days lock up period at the rate of 1% per day. The rest 0.45% is your profit. There is no lump sum payment in the end because you have been paid already over the 99 day contract.

Now that you understand the scene, we are sure you get the benefits of having a stable, recurring profit making
strategy in a market that is higthly volatile and mostly unpredictable. So think, plan, and act. Well, act soon!

Frequently asked questions

What is proledger bot?

Proledger bot is a telegram based investment bot focused on profit generation through algorithmic trading. Investors can take advantage of this and earn 1.45% per day for 99days.

What is algorithmic trading?

Algorithmic trading is a method of trading where a set of computer code does automated technical analysis to find the best time to buy and the best time to sell.

Is withdrawals automated or manual?

You earn 0.3625% every 6 hours, all of your earnings can be withdrawn at any time to your external wallet when it reaches minimum.

when did this bot launch?

Bot officially launched on Jan 5th.

What crypto currencies I can invest?

Proledger currently supports BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, TRX and XRP. More coins will be added in future.